My passion is to tell stories in pictures. Influenced by great movies of my childhood I shot my first movie at the age of 12.  I learned from the best at my directing studies at the Tisch School of the Arts in New York, from several Workshops and simply by creating, producing and directing a lot of film projects.

The art and skills of storytelling and directing actors are a result of my years of commitment to the craft of writing and filmmaking and a decade of working as an editor in Munich and Vienna for movies, TV-shows and entertainment Formats, from little independent shorts to the biggest shows in the German film industry.

Today my reputation as director and filmmaker is defined by my deep understanding in various production and storytelling aspects. Besides teaching at the Macromedia University I help producers and clients to get the most out of available recourses of any production from development to the final master. I have a great network of amazing professionals and love to create high quality projects together.

For smaller and Indie Productions I founded the Munich based production company Fonderland Film GmbH.